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Community TechKnowledge, Inc.
701 Brazos, Suite 1425
Austin, TX 78701

Tel.: 1-877-441-2111
Email: info@communitytech.net
Web: www.communitytech.net

CTK provides web-based database software for nonprofits of all types and sizes for the purpose of tracking, reporting, and communicating client, agency and/or funding activities.

Solutions for: Health and Human Services, United Way, Community Action, 2-1-1 / Information and Referral, Grantmakers and Funders, and Foundations.

  • Web-based and easily accessible.
  • Flexible, highly configurable database system.
  • Powerful system management tools.
  • Extensive real-time reporting capabilities.
  • Unsurpassed security, scalability and support.
  • Easy-to-use collaboration & communication tools.

With many nonprofits, there is an abundance of data collected within the organization. However, it is often difficult, if not impossible, to collect, analyze and report that data in order to measure and communicate social impact.

Without the right tools, your nonprofit often wastes precious time, money and human resources dealing with ineffective information collection and reporting processes and multiple, independent database applications. Despite your best efforts, inaccurate or incomplete consumer, service and funding data management can result in disconnected service delivery or an inability to effectively communicate your success.

CTK helps nonprofit service providers meet these challenges by automating the information collection process and providing flexible reporting insight – maximizing Best Practice performance and attracting expanded funding opportunities.

CTK’s flexible solutions fit any size organization and size project – from stand-alone case management or grant management systems, to integrated, multi-agency solutions for the largest nonprofit organizations.

CTK software improves organizational performance and effectiveness while reducing costs: CTK provides Software that You Can Afford.

Visit www.communitytech.net now to download product information. Or call 866-215-0323 for a free demo.


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