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Linked Software
23407 Three Points Drive
Frankston, TX 75763

Tel.: 800-546-5966
Web: www.linkedsoftware.com

If you are interested in Membership and Fundraising Software you should consider our Windows products to help you realize the potential of your membership. We will make your job easier!

Outstanding software doesn't need to be expensive. We believe you will find our products have more features than many high-end brands and they are much easier to use than most. Each program comes with a detailed manual and help windows. Most customers need no additional training.

You get free "reasonable" technical support for one year. After that, maintenance contracts are both inexpensive and optional.

We also offer free trial downloads, with no expiration date and with no questions asked, for all of our products. You know exactly what you are getting before you buy!

Fundraising, donor and constituent management, campaign management, pledge tracking and accounts receivable reporting are just some of the features in our programs.


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