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Massillon Plaque
5757 Mayfair Rd.
P.O. Box 2539
North Canton, Ohio 44720

Tel.: 800-854-8404
Fax: 330-494-5037
Web: www.massillonplaque.com

At Massillon Plaque, our philosophy is simple – thank donors with quality products that say you really mean it.

Our photo-electroplating process permanently adheres graphics to stainless steel. By using photography rather than engraving, we are able to reproduce high-resolution graphics of the finest detail, even halftone photographs. No matter the size of the job, all our awards are built one at a time. Our art department is loaded with talent and technology. We can work with your design provided in any form, from a rough pencil draft to finished art sent via email. Our artists can create a line drawing from your photograph of a “signature building” or portrait. Each year we produce hundreds of custom designed products in all shapes a sizes from paperweights to humidors to 50 ft. perpetual donor recognition wall displays.

We invite you to challenge us to design your unique donor recognition products, please contact J.P. Deuble.


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