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Royale House, Inc.
Bricks & Tiles
PO Box 606
Racine, WI 53401

Tel.: 262-637-4555; 800-877-8349
Web: www.royalehouse.com

Royale House Personalized Signature Bricks and Tiles offer you a unique, prestigious way to raise major funds while giving your Donors individual, permanent recognition. We engrave your donors' names in top-quality paving bricks, which then can be installed in a public walk, courtyard, wall, monument, promenade or other highly visible areas. With Royale House's Signature Brick/Tile program, you not only raise money, but also gain a useful addition to your facilities!

No other company can provide you with such a wonderful fund raising advantage. Do yourself and your Organization a favor. Discover the rewards Royale House Engraved Brick products can bring to your organization!

For more information, call Royale House today at 1-800-877-8349 or 262-637-4555.


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