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SunGard SCT
4 Country View Road
Malvern, PA 19355

Tel.: 800-223-7036 or 610-647-5930
Web: www.sungardsct.com

SunGard SCT’s vision for higher education is to help every institution create a Unified Digital Campus, an environment that unifies people, process, and technology to enhance performance, accountability, competitiveness, and the quality of education experiences delivered to every constituent.

Because every institution is unique, the components of the Unified Digital Campus (UDC) vary according to the institution’s vision, mission, and objectives. SunGard SCT’s goal is to help each institution define and realize the UDC that is right for its needs, bringing together people, process, and technologies of choice into a harmonious whole.

At the heart of our UDC vision is a focus on helping institutions address the challenges they face in the evolving climate of higher education. Currently our UDC vision aligns around delivering business value to institutions in five key areas:

  • Constituent Service
  • Accountability, Performance, and Outcomes
  • Funding and Resource Allocation
  • Security, Privacy, and Protection of Institutional Data
  • Competitiveness

To achieve this vision of the Unified Digital Campus, SunGard SCT has steadily expanded the scope and breadth of our solutions through enhancement of existing solutions, new development, partnership, and acquisition. We have been pleased with the resonance of these efforts throughout our client base.

For more information visit www.sungardsct.com.


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