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W. & E.Baum Bronze Tablet Corp.
89 Bannard Street
Freehold, NJ 07728

Tel.: 800-922-7377 • 732-866-1881
Fax: 732-866-8978 Fax
Email: info@webaum.com
Web: www.webaum.com

Generosity. It’s what sets some people apart – the simple notion that good fortune should be shared with others. The generous person knows that what they give away will be more than returned someday.

W & E Baum understands that. They understand the kind nature and benevolence of spirit that motivates the generous individual. For three generations they have specialized in capturing this singular quality in the design and fabrication of symbols of American generosity that have set a standard for the industry. Hospitals, universities and houses of worship are among the many diverse institutions that have repeatedly used W. & E. Baum products to honor those special individuals for whom generosity is a way of life.

Quality, creativity and personal attention to detail - these are just some of the qualities that have enabled W. & E. Baum to grow from a small family business into the leading manufacturer of symbols of American generosity. Working in bronze, brass, Corian, aluminum, acrylics and exotic woods, W. & E. Baum customizes each piece to the taste and budget of the client, with a unique sensitivity unparalleled in the industry that brings customers back time after time.

W. & E. Baum's superb designers provide graphic expression to your ideas. Working with institution personnel, they create a harmony of design They can work from your concepts, adding creative options and gentle caring touches that produce drama, dimension and above all, honor to the memory of those memorialized. W. & E. Baum knows that a life lived well is a life worth remembering forever.

To thank. To honor. To reward. To commemorate. To remember. The firm of W. & E. Baum has played a part in the growth of many American institutions and corporations. With this proud record, W. & E. Baum stands ready to help you translate your vision into reality.


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